Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decapitation Frieze breakdown

Finally finished a camera fly through of one of the Maya Skies scenes I built at Insight.

This is the simplest scene of the five and proved a nightmare to render. Without getting into the gory mess that was the rendering process, suffice to say I had to launch each frame separately and render it for seven hours with loads of headaches a hundred and fiftey times over the course of a month.

The ruesults look great but it's not worth the hassle and may not even work in the heavier scenes. So I'm going to have to convert all my shaders and lighting and rendering from Fry Render to VRay, which will be a pain, but hopefully in the end I'll finally be able to render proficiently in VRay, something I've wanted to do for a while.

Anyway here is the Decapitation Frieze in all it's animated glory:

Saturday, November 23, 2013

No Talking Tuesday # 321

November 19th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 320

November 12th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 319

November 5th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 318

October 29th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 317

October 22nd 2013

The List:

If you remember fry uses that file for authentication

So it might be as simple as replacing our expired one with that,
or it might require we replace our install with the crack version
and replace our lic file with that one.
there is probably a read me text in the zipped crack that explains
No Talking Tuesday # 316

October 15th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 315

October 8th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 314

October 1st 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 313

September 24th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 312

September 17th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 311

September 10th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 310

September 3rd 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 309

August 27th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 308

August 20th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 307

August 13th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 306

August 6th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 305

July 30th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 304

July 23rd 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 303

July 16th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yucatan Super 8 Short

A short film I made using super 8 footage I took in the Yucatan in 2007.


Tindersticks - Sunset

No Talking Tuesday # 302

July 9th 2013

This List:

Tool lending library
wondered if you got it there

No Talking Tuesday # 301

July 2nd 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 300

June 25th 2013

My three hundredth no talking Tuesday, woohoo!
No Talking Tuesday # 299

June 18th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 298

June 11th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 297

June 4th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 296

May 28th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 295

April 21st 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 294

May 14th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 293

May 7th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 292

April 30th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

California Super 8 Short

A short film I made using super 8 footage I took in SF and Santa Barbara in 2008.


Brian Eno - Always Returning
Devil May Cry OST - Colosseum

Eating Contest

I forgot to report that a while ago I entered into an eating contest with some friends and ate 5.3 pounds!

I got second place sadly. I'm convinced that if I had known about the contest ahead of time I would have won. As it was I had already eaten that day, and the food was crappy American food. If I had fasted, and the food had been Asian, I know I would have won...

Kung Fu (NES): Beat!

Er. Well, sort of..

It turns out to be one of those games that just starts over from the beggining over and over. So I beat it in both game modes, (played 2.5 times through "A" mode.)

Pretty fun in general but a lot easier than I was expecting. I wonder if I had actually beaten it when I was a kid and just forgot?

Paperboy (NES): Beat!

I beat Paperboy for Nintendo!

Actually it wasn't very hard or dramatic in anyway. I think the only reason I hadn't done it as a kid was because I lacked patience... 

No Talking Tuesday # 291

April 23rd 2013

The List:

No Talking Tuesday # 290

April 16th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.

No Talking Tuesday # 289

April 9th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.

No Talking Tuesday # 288

April 2nd 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Six Month Stickies # 10
March '12 - August '12

As usual the tracks of music that got stuck in my head in the last six months, in order.

Apologies that it's six months overdue...

Most of the tracks on this sticky list got stuck in my head while I was in Japan for six weeks. The change of environment, friends, and experiences, made me have especially potent music cravings for whatever reason.

17 - Youth Lagoon

He really nailed it with The Year of Hibernation, with an appeal that's so completely obvious. His awesome recipe is best showcased in this song. I must have listened to this song fifty times in the first week.


High Class Slim Came Floatin' In
Ten-Day Interval
The Equator
Magnet Pulls Through

I really didn't want to like Tortoise. I thought "I've got way too much of this nonsense in my music library already, I don't need yet another intellectual, jittery, instrumental, electro/acoustic groove rock/soundscape band." But I kept finding myself coming back to their albums, and finding that they're particular brand of sound, scratched a certain spot that no other band in my library could.

Sonic Youth

Teen Age Riot
Eliminator Jr.

I know I'm late to the party, but figured it was finally time to check out Sonic Youth. They didn't disappoint. Reminds me of My Bloody Valentine but not as fuzzy/droney.

Teen Age Riot is my favorite, such a solid song, I can't even really think how best to describe the impression it makes on me. It just feels so substantial and meaningful for some reason.

Eliminator Jr. is so badass. Haha, the intro gets me every time. Take a walk in the park? Shit, yeah!


Am I Wry? No
Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
The Zookeeper's Boy

I never know what to say about Mew. It's almost like they're not real. Some weird future/space pop found in some abandoned space station somewhere. It's hard to imagine a bunch of dudes writing and performing these songs.

In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins

This was the first song to get stuck in my head when I got back from Japan. My friend Kazz played it on our way back from a plein air session. I then became so creepily into it. I never really gave Phil Collins a fair shake. I always just sort of thought of him as a poor man's Peter Gabriel. And I know this song is hardly obscure, but man it just suddenly unlocked something in me. I spent like three weeks listening to this super loud when I woke up in the morning. Which is so incredibly epic. Because it's all quite and soothing until it suddenly isn't at all, and blows your damn mind when the drums kick in. Well played Phil, well played.

Brian Eno & David Byrne

Help Me Somebody
Moonlight in Glory

These two are badass. This is one of the most touch worn albums in my library. It offers so much that it's hard to not regularly find myself in the mood to listen to it. Such a nice balance of seemingly effortless play, heady intellectualism, groovy rhythms, and unintuitive music choices (especially with the samples). It's like a Daft Punk album in that it makes it seem like finding that balance is so obvious and inviting, and yet like Daft Punk, no one has managed to hit that sweet spot in decades.

M. Daguerre - Rachel's

Rachel's are one of my favorite bands, but I don't often get their tracks stuck in my head. The sticky point for this track is at 7:35 where the piano and strings seem to repeatedly recoil in this marvelously jerky way. It's so unique and yet simple and entrancing. This whole track plays out like a Godspeed You Black Emperor composition, with the seemingly disconnected passages that slowly build up to a grand edifice that leaves you awe inspired.

Full on Night - Rachel's

I like the subtle groove from 1:13 - 2:00

I Can't Explain - The Who

Man this song got so violently stuck in my head for weeks. I really like the swaying/spinning sensation each time he says "Dizzy in the head..." And the snare hits at 1:19. This song is pop music at its finest.

Six Month Stickies # 9
September '11 - February '12

As usual the tracks of music that got stuck in my head in the last six months, in order.
Apologies that it's a year overdue...

* Click image to download a ZIP of the compilation:

Just Can't go to Sleep - The Kinks

This song was stuck in my head for weeks. I think it started in Seattle while I was painting my friends portriat.

Cannibal Resource - Dirty Projectors

What a splash of cold water to the face this is. So refreshingly fresh and exuberant. The strange backup singing, kaleidoscopic guitar, un-syncopated claps, the strangely ascending/descending vocal harmonies are so awesome.

Stillness is the Move - Dirty Projectors

Great! Such fun and freedom in the vocal arrangements. More refreshing than cucumber salad and lemonade in summer!


These Days
Fairest of the Seasons
I'll Keep it With Mine

Such a distinct approach to songwriting and singing! I really, really, really wish I liked more than just these three songs. I tried really hard to like her other songs, but it's really only these three. Still, they're wonderful. Her deep Germanic voice against the rising background of gauzy, light strings are a pleasure.

Sam Cooke
Touch the Hem of His Garment
(What A) Wonderful World
Sugar Dumpling
A Change is Gonna Come

The narrative of the woman wanting to touch Jesus is so vivid. Sam Cook's voice is amazing. And his poise, intelligence, and self awareness saturates every note. Lending such credibility to his emotional expressiveness. There is no need to brace myself against his maudlin indulgencies, so when he sings with such strong, hopeful sadness in A Change is Gonna Come, I feel the authenticity and justice in his plea/hope.

Lean on Me - Bill Withers

One of those songs you can't help but sing out loud to yourself and feel great about life. With Mozart quality melody and lyricism.

TMNT Mask - Chad VanGaalen

Gotta love those silly Canadians.

The Flaming Lips

Fight Test
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21
Are You a Hypnotist??

I've always felt bad I didn't like Flaming Lips more.  They seem like such a great bunch of guys, and they're always trying interesting stuff, put on amazing live shows, and are everything you could possibly want from down to earth, wacky, fun loving musicians. Then suddenly after listening to them for almost twenty years, I began to like them to the degree I always wanted to. It's great. Go get 'em Yoshimi!


(That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace
I Remember ( From a Lifetime of Temporary Relief)

I'm pretty sure I've already spoken at great length about Low. So I'll restrain my gushing praise. Needless to say I have tremendous respect for their music. I really like the unhurried dark emergence in Amazing Grace:

I knew this girl when I was young
She took her spikes from everyone
One night she swallowed up the lake
That's how you sing amazing grace

Amazing grace
Amazing grace

Witches is unusually rock'n. Such attitude, underscored by the heavy grunts and stinging banjo. Got to love the narrative: 

One night I got up and told my father there were witches in my room
He gave me a baseball bat and said here's what you do
When you have finally submitted to embarrassing capture
Take out that baseball bat and show those witches some pasture

Gm-03 Image Of The God Of Space And Time - 
Masami Ueda, Misao Senbongi, Masato Kouda

This song first got stuck in my head as a teenager playing the videogame Devil May Cry. I never forgot it, and finally got the soundtrack to the game, and sure enough, still love this track. Most of the rest of the album is an embarrassingly bad/cheesy blight in my music library...

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out (NES): Beat!

After almost twenty years of shame, I FINALLY beat this game. 

I'll be honest it wasn't easy. I basically played for half an hour every night when I got home from work (around midnight) for at least a month. Most of that time was spent figuring out how best to play Mike. Progress was slow but steady and when I knocked him down for the third time in the second round I was ecstatic.

Up next: Paperboy

No Talking Tuesday # 287

March 26th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.

No Talking Tuesday # 286

March 19th 2013

The list:

1/2 sandwich/soup
     - Roasted chicken sandwich

No Talking Tuesday # 285

March 12th 2013

The list:

Zafrane Murgh

No Talking Tuesday # 284

March 5th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Spaceship Sketches!

No Talking Tuesday # 283

February 26th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.

No Talking Tuesday # 282

February 19th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

No Talking Tuesday # 281

February 12th 2013

Big mistake!

I was having a long epic conversation with my friend Isaiah on the phone about such high minded topics as the nature of reality, objective morality, truth, the self, mans place in the world etc. when I noticed it was about thirty minutes until midnight.

I made a mental note to wrap up the conversation in about twenty minutes. When I thought twenty minutes had passed I looked at the clock and saw that it was a hour and a half later, and it was past one in the morning! I realized I had talked for a while past midnight and so couldn't talk anymore. Rather than hanging up right then and there, I continued to listen to him explain his point of view (which lasted fifteen minutes) before the conversation dictated a response from me. I then hung up and texted him why, and we left it at that.

I was so shocked at how off I was about the time that I checked to make sure it wasn't daylight savings or something, but no, I had just been engrossed and a very interesting conversation and lost track of time. Which gave me much to mull over in my day of silence.

A new direction in my life

Based on that talk I've decided to be less cynical and negative in my life and relationships. I recognize that this hyper critical sensitivity to imperfection (in myself and others and situations) was a useful skill to develop to purge my own personality and art from many self destructive imperfections (laziness, lack of rigor, lack of systematic analysis and methodical workflow etc.), but that I have reached the end of the line with that critical framework. I've come to the end of that story, and this negative, critical apparatus I've set up and refined is now only going to do me damage. It's hard since I've so heavily invested in this kind of personality infrastructure to not coast on it once it's self running and able to handle my affairs on autopilot. The alternative of starting from scratch with a new story, and a new set of personality modifications aimed at self improvement, is always daunting, but necessary if I want to keep pushing myself to be better than I've been.

So now as I fade out the story of negativity and hyper sensitvity to imperfection, i'm going to work to usher in a new story of leasurly enjoyment and unhesitiating exploration of all the skills i've invested in before. Rather than doing a drawing where I really rigorisly define the perspective, matte surface rendering, calculate cast shadows, color temperature, depth ques etc. constantly scanning for any possible mistake. Instead, now I'll freely explore a drawing with all that I've learned of those things to make new connections and untested interactions with say materials, workflows, etc. To let go a little control and structure for the possibility of inspiring new interactions to manifest themselves, and to eagerly and passionetly explore such surprises with an eye for what's working well, instead of what's not.

The List:

1 prawn burrito please
-Spinach tortilla
-To go

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Nemo: The Dream Master - NES

In my sporadic half assed attempt to finally beat the various Nintendo games that bested me as a child; I can finally check off Little Nemo from the list. Always one of my favorite NES games, it feels good to finally beat it!

Up next: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!
No Talking Tuesday # 280

February 5th 2013

The List:

That I think is as zoomed out
as that shot is

That's not even the right image
though? I did that one first
but you pointed out it was
the wrong one, so I made the
same changes to the other one.

Remember you thought it was a

Saturday, February 02, 2013

No Talking Tuesday Year End Wrap Up
End of Year Five

Year five has been for lack of a better word, unremarkable. 

I'm no longer worried about making accidental mistakes
I hardly ever write anything down to communicate with others anymore. 
I feel I have nothing left to prove to myself or others. 
I mostly stay away from even talking about it or mentioning it in any way. 

My Tuesdays have mostly been the one day a week I can hope to have a chance to catch up on my personal work. They're spent mostly in isolation, working, lost in my head, thinking about light, music, word orders, anatomical forms etc. It's all gotten to the point that being silent, rummaging around my brain, focused on a task feels so natural and like home, that Wednesday through Monday seem like the weird unusual days. 

Part of me wants to answer this comfort level with additional challenges to stretch what this experiment can teach me, and another side of me wants to aknowledge that ultimately this was the whole point; To find peace, stillness, passive acceptance, and non intellectualized belonging in silence. 

Click here for summery and origins.

Click here for end of year four. 

Click here for end of year three.

Click here for end of year two.

Click here for end of year one.

No Talking Tuesday # 279

January  29th 2013

The List:

 Already done

No Talking Tuesday # 278

January 22nd 2013

No List. Nothing special to report. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Rider Song

I don't know how I've gone so long not realizing that two of my favorite contemporary musicians Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have collaborated on many musical soundtracks. I at once dived into them all and was not disappointed. This song off the soundtrack to the move The Proposition is so amazingly sublime I don't even have the words to begin to tackle it.

The Rider Song - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
The Proposition Soundtrack

'When?' said the moon to the stars in the sky
'Soon' said the wind that followed them all

'Who?' said the cloud that started to cry
'Me' said the rider as dry as a bone

'How?' said the sun that melted the ground
and 'Why?' said the river that refused to run

and 'Where?' said the thunder without a sound
'Here' said the rider and took up his gun

'No' said the stars to the moon in the sky
'No' said the trees that started to moan

'No' said the dust that blunted its eyes
'Yes' said the rider as white as a bone

'No' said the moon that rose from his sleep
'No' said the cry of the dying sun

'No' said the planet as it started to weep
'Yes' said the rider and laid down his gun

Columbo Girl

Lately I've gotten really into the seventies television show Columbo. About a brilliant detective who pretends to be inept in order to trap criminals into exposing thier crime. The show is awesome. 

Anyway in one of the episodes Columbo stands in front of a movie projector and I dug the resulting color scheme/lighting enough to paint a concept from it. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

2012 Tasks

Everything I put on my to do list from 2012.
In reverse chronological order (most recent first) of completion:

 take sb super 8 footage to sb
 maxis interivew
 check insight for passport
 color swatches ring
 check home for passport
 get donuts for class
 call pro
 get coffee
 print ea docs at school
 blog prime
 add little pieces to site
 get pretzel croissants, ballet gear, climbing?, insight, classes
 take paints and anthony psd to class
 dinosour jr, butthole surfers
 grab music and ps brushes
 Sun: Nancy 15:20
 Mon: Sarah
 Wed: 16:00 performance meet
 Sat: 11am Drawing club
 Friday: 14:45 Marjorie
 greys anatomy
 scan japan drawings
 move saturday
 scan crestation girl
 draw nema sketches
 thursday: sophia 12:30, marjorie 13:30, stan?
 Sunday: Jade
 finish japan photos
 import best of cds
 sendak illustration
 finish techno girl
 no t tues catch up
 finish drawing anatomy tutorial
 finish nema painting
 get snacks
 call about apartment
 call adrian
 email aunt
 put avel saga into note form
 scan parents photos
 Japan illustration
 transfer music
 Catch up on blog
 Nancy dinner
 Coles: coffee
  buy thermals
 Kinyakouya: brush pens
 JTB ask about exchanging $
 pick up rail pass
 Teushcur: chocolate
 Looking glass: buy film
 Call AAA: (510) 898-7600
 Call HRblock: (510) 548-1395
 Add up deductions
 Chiro Friday 18:30?
 pick up film
 do grades
 Write Jessica's letter
 implement kazz notes
 Monday: 13:30 Marjorie
 email about saturday jan 21st
 make japan plans
 paint over mountains 30%
 Email scanned/signed contract
 Sunday: Nancy dinner
 Sunday: Pick up dry cleaning
 Saturday: Ashley dinner?
 Saturday: Plein air Kazz
 Friday: Nancy lunch
 Friday: Marjorie morning
 apply to jobs airtight, arenanet, bungie, monolith, snowblind, sucker punch
 Thursday: Alex dinner
 48 chip ship curve
Chicken Squeeze!


First painting of the new year!
Marti and Kupo harassing some chickens for no good reason!

No Talking Tuesday # 277

January 15th 2013

The List:

I bet now that the dlc packs are enabled I could ecogame save like usual, and load it if it crashes

normally that's worked

No Talking Tuesday # 276

January 8th 2013


The List:

it's conclusively the pin

not the shaders on it
must be the geometry somehow
cylinder with one end tapered

i turned reflections to zero and it still takes long
my guess is intersecting geo

i have to run now but i can come in tomorrow

it would be fastest probably a hour or two

no i mean the time to set it up

if you just want the color adjustments you can just import the curves it takes just a few seconds

but the other stuff would maybe need to be simply animated to follow the shot 
dump movies>?

this is photoshop
also so you know my after effects only reliably renders targa sequences

i'll leave my computer on with photoshop up

No Talking Tuesday # 275

January 1st 2013

New years moment was rather un-dramatically ushered in through my muteness. 

I welcomed the new year standing on top of a large rock in the Berkeley hills watching the fireworks.

Immediately the moment was soured by the bratty shitty teenagers behind me trying to get me to sit down so they didn't have to stand to see the fireworks. 

I started a long monologue in my mind about how they should enjoy they're spoiled entitled temperaments now while they can, before they realize they can't make a living clicking on things and whining at the world through yelp reviews while sipping boba tea and texting on their phones. 

That the first world economy that caused them to have this skewed perception of reality is riding on fumes and when America cant afford to bully the world to respect the empty value of the petrol dollar, that they're lifestyles are going to come crashing down around them.  

That when they are on there own, the first world American lifestyle of unproductive, useless decadence will have expired and they're find themselves stuck with useless master degrees in comparative literature and wonder why the world hasn't given them all they feel they deserve.  

When suddenly I cut myself short and realized that the first thing I did in the new year was to talk trash in a really derisive vile way. And that's hardly a way to look towards the future, that I'm almost 30 and still think it's ok to chew out teenagers in my mind. I felt ashamed and in admitting that to myself grew up a little in that moment, especially when I remembered that I was just as shitty or more shitty then they were at their age, and so at the very least I could acknowledge that now it's their turn.  

A metaphysical journey into holistic understanding to start 2013. Not bad. 
Now to go listen to some Alan Watts lectures...

No list.
No Talking Tuesday # 274

December 25th 2012

The List:

Ali Jamalzadeh

No Talking Tuesday # 273

December 18th 2012

The List:

This is the new level I made last night.

No Talking Tuesday # 272

December 18th 2012

I might have made a mistake today? I was working late at Insight and needed to borrow a pen from Kevin and said something like "Can I borrow this?" a few minutes later I saw that it was a couple minutes past midnight. And don't know if I said that before the cut off or not...

The List:

So I just realized final gather
is on. That must be why it's doing
this double rendering, have you
already rendered this master scene?

Has final gather been on?

If so, should we leave it on 
this scene now?

I don't know how long final gather has 
been on this file. Possiblyt only since
the biolum tests?

It of course renders much faster
without it. Especially now that 
I've simplified the high res geometry shader

Actually maybe it's about the same...

Let's just
delete the
render layer         

No Talking Tuesday # 271

December 4th 2012

The List:

1 chicken fajita burrito please
-black beans
-tomato tortilla
-to go please

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