Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Talking Tuesday # 179

No list. Nothing special to report.

No Talking Tuesday # 178

The List:

Hello Koba
Insight Persian subsidiary
Food curation website
Food review site
Comic blog
Film production company
Art school
Dinner party website
Farmers market produce prep empire
Family short wedding film production company


I think we shouldn't even bother with
the wedding itself, but pitch it as supplementary
film/video of the couple and or family.

What would be required to set that up?

Steady cam

I think the idea has legs, and probably
the most success oriented one we have
in our pool, I say let's think about it
and talk details tomorrow

All these points
I need to think about it some and
need to speak to be useful
taking the idea to the next level
with you
What's your schedule tomorrow?

Questions I have:

1. Do people really want to spend lots of money on wedding photo/film?

2. If they do, would it just be for photogrophers with tones of examples and wedding experience?

3. Would we be willing to do all the soul crushing standard shots they would probably want? And under crappy photo conditions?

4. If we are not sure about the above points is it worth putting a company site together? Should we maybe try to get a job first through personal connections first as a proof of concept? like your sisters?

5. Can we take the parts we like, like filming/photography of natural people
and environment in natural light according to our own aesthetic impulses
without the things we dont? (ie. shooting under crappy light, high stress, stupid set ups, high strung people etc.)
besides wedding photography, can we brand ourselves in another way
that lets us do the things we want without the rest, but still make money?
Even if it's smaller gigs?

I understand

I'm just worried that all the stuff we think is cliche, or hokey, or cheesy, or dumb about
the exampled we looked at, are the same things that make these examples successful,
so I'm not sure how well we could fake our way through that stuff or convince
people to not want it instead of our more unconventional aesthetic?

Planned shots of rings, and plates, shooting indoors with bad light, making sure to cover everything
even the stupid un-photogenic things etc.

But I mean more about how to break into that

I'm wondering what's the best way to show up on peoples radar?

I'm not negating the idea, I just am trying to learn more
about something I know nothing about, and that seems strange to me

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

No Talking Tuesday # 177

I made another mistake! FRIGG-TOWN.

I got a call from the program director at a city college I'm teaching summer art courses at in the morning, the phone startled me awake and I answered it before remembering it was Tuesday, then after I said "Hello?"

I immediately realized the mistake and hung up on him... Luckily he assumed I lost connection, called back and left a message...
No Talking Tuesday # 176


I made a horrendous mistake. I had just finished a painting/drawing/glass experiment thing and in response to a sassy commentary said out loud:

"It's all you ever do. I don't think it's so bad."

I was doing pretty well not making mistakes until today. Frigggggg.

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