Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've made the belated resolution to take my various honed skills and instead of just internalizing them in an endless loop of refinement, attempt to direct them outward in a way that isn't purely self indulgent. I'm planning on this being the first of many steps towards making all that I've invested in my life, something to bind me to others and culture.

The first thing that came to mind was to be a conduit of art and method, and teach people looking for a human access point for that information. I put an ad on craigslist and will work to connect myself to other educators, and students, and make this first attempt to step out of my shell of self refinement and effect the lives of others.

I've woken up to the fact that I've exhausted the value of isolated artistic integrity, and will now begin working actively every day to define what's truly important to me, what of my life and thought and ability is of value to others, and what I can create with the help of others to contribute and sustain something which I'm involved in, but that is larger than myself.

I'm not drunk on altruism however, and am owning from the start that I want this new direction to be financially self sustainable for me. I don't feel this cheapens the intent, in fact I feel having this new direction in my life be able to thrive among the Darwinian pressures of capitalism will only help to prove what I create has a right to exist without pity or charity or someone to be sacrificed in its stead. Art, history, culture, materials, methods, craftsmanship, beauty, skill, intelligent design, are inherently valuable, and it's the job of any forward thinking thought-leader and artist to be able to synthesis these things in a way that makes their value obvious to people in a way that awes, inspires, teaches and binds.


Art Tutor

About me:

Hi, I'm Ali. I'm a 27 year old male, living in North Berkeley. I've extensively trained as a fine artist and have near a decade of experience in media arts.

What I can offer:

Personalized curriculum and supportive mentorship in the following areas of my expertise:

  • Drawing

  • Painting (traditional or digital)

  • Sculpture

  • Photography

  • Lighting design

  • Animation and Illustration

  • Design and 3D modeling

  • Creative writing

  • Cooking

Experience & Skills

Bachelors of Science in Game Design and Art from SFAI.
Workshop instructor for live figure drawing.
Exhibiting fine artist with group and solo shows around the Bay Area.
Seven years professional experience working in games/film/animation.
Currently employed as lead artist by an archeological nonprofit making visualizations for documentary films and research.

Highly organized, disciplined, creative, thorough and reliable. I have a great rapport with kids – my secret is that I never talk down to them. I respect their intelligence and assume they understand far more than most people give them credit for.

Why I'm doing this:

When I was ten years old and my parents were keen to recognize my creative talent and obsession with art wasn't a silly phase. They found me an art tutor who came by once every week or two. He gave me feedback on the comics I was drawing, introduced me to the works of artists, guided me to new mediums, gave me drawing exercises and was a supportive role model who stoked the flames of my passion to create. The effects this experience had are incalculable. I promised myself before I hit thirty that I would attempt to give back in the same way to any future artists.

I would prefer to tutor children who naturally love creativity, art and expression. I would also be excited to facilitate child/parent sessions, as I think it would be great for a child to learn alongside their parent(s).

How to proceed:

If you're interested send me an email. We will schedule a consultation. I can bring my portfolio of work and we can talk about what you would want your child to gain from this experience. Generally, a consistent tutoring schedule would be most effective for exploration and growth – regular sessions every week or two, for two or three hours. Lessons can be as structured or loose as you like. Philosophically, I can approach the objectives any number of ways – from a more classical rigor to a more exploratory free form teaching style. I can discussion the pros and cons of each approach during the consultation.

My fee is $50/hour, negotiable for extended hours or groups. I also ask that you be within the Bay Area. I have reliable transportation and can travel to your home or meet at a local site such as a community center or school. If interested, I'm happy to discuss possibilities that fit each individual situation such as group lessons, supplying materials, field trips to museums/gardens etc. I look forward to hearing from you.


Below is a sample of my work:

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

First Solo Art Show!

Remedy coffee in Oakland is hosting my first solo art show. I had a piece in their self portrait themed group show the last two months, and submitted a few proposals for art and photo solo shows of my work. The curator chose the proposal I titled "Sketch Book Spreads", which features sketch book pages from my last few sketchbooks, specifically those which the drawings made use of facing pages.

The opening is this Friday at 6pm and goes until around 8pm.

Remedy Coffee

4316 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 922-8455

The opening is during the Oakland Art Murmur, which is a extremely hipster friendly celebration of the local art, music, food scene the first Friday of every month.

If you want to see a sneak peak of the pieces in the show online:

So come on by, chub up on some roasted veggies, look at some drawings and say hi!

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Self Portrait

The last couple months I've had a self portrait drawing/painting in an awesome coffee shop in Oakland named Remedy Coffee. The whole way I even became connected to the curator/barista was when after the first time I went there with my friend mark for coffee, proceeded to shamelessly hit on her, with the prospects to ask her out. She misinterpreted my efforts as an artistic interest in the space and asked if I wanted to be put on the mailing list of upcoming show opportunities. Rather than explain the misunderstanding I decided to take this new direction, as it was in keeping with my new years resolution to promote my art for a change. It's funny that when I finally get off my duff to do so it's only because it came as an accident to my much more exercised lecherous philandering.

Anyway flash forward a couple months and I was included in this self portraits group show, and and now currently hanging a solo show to be up for the month of November. More on that later!

For now here are some photos of my piece in the last show and the space:

Wake Up Eubert!

About five years ago in college, (back when I was young and spry and on an all super burrito diet) I painted a illustration for an online art competition. As most of my work at the time it was whimsical and and poignant, and wistful to the point of saccharine. It stared a sleepy flying snail thing named Eubert.

Flash forward now to 2010 and I get an email out of the blue from someone who came upon the image and wants to buy a print. I thought it over and decided I didn't feel comfortable making money off the naive yet earnest efforts of college era Ali, and coupled with my laziness to print/package/mail etc. I just uploaded a high rez version for the guy free of charge.

In the course of my messages to him I discovered that his name is Eubert! Which I thought didn't exist before I made it up. Explaining at least in part his interest in the piece. Anyway I thought the whole thing funny, nostalgic, and heartwarming. The experience is sure to be safely wrapped and kept in my breast pocket to be reminded of in my more cynical and jaded artistic moments.

Below is the painting I did in college:

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