Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No Talking Tuesday # 239

April 24th 2012

My last Tuesday in Japan! This Tuesday I was exploring the city of Sendai and it's neighboring costs, one of the areas hit hardest by the Tsunami. Heaps of destroyed cars, broken trees, leveled towns, toppled houses.

It was all pretty intense. Yet also steeped in a sweet calmness that serves to underscore the destruction.

The day ended with a wonderful dinner of okonomiyaki and monjayaki. Delicious.

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No Talking Tuesday # 238

April 17th 2012

This Tuesday found me in Tokyo, traveling with my friend Ingmar, staying at his girlfriends brothers apartment while he's out of town.

Ingmar and I have lots of experience traveling together, and we fell back into our well synched though slightly ridiculous travel relationship.

We both developed a weird cough while staying at his girlfriends brothers place. I noticed we only started coughing each night shortly after midnight until whenever we went to bed.

Monday night found us both working on our computers and beginning to cough as usual.
He looked over at me and I said:
"It must be past midnight again"
I checked the clock and then said:
"It is. Just by five minutes."

I then realized that this also means that it's five minutes into my no talking Tuesday and was really irritated with myself. I'm not sure if Ingmar caught wind of my anguish.

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No Talking Tuesday # 237

April 10th 2012

This was my last Tuesday in Sonobe. I went on a long hike through the mountains venturing beyond the point of being able to find my way back, and making the conscious decision to keep pressing forward, come what may. It was pretty scary/awesome hiking through the mountains/forests of a foreign land not knowing what will happen, when you'll emerge, where you might end up, if you'll have to sleep in the forest etc. I'll make it a point to do this at least once on all my travels from here on out.

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No Talking Tuesday # 236

April 3rd 2012

This Tuesday found me in Sonobe. A small town north of Kyoto city. I've been settling in with one of my old housemates who lives here teaching English to highschoolers. It's the first time on my trip that I can settle into a domestic lifestyle of grocery shopping, cooking, neighborhood walks, etc. And it's great! I love all the creepy food options available at grocerie stores here. Fresh cuts of octopus and tiny fish with little faces, tentacles and animal guts abound. It's great. I wish grocery stores in the US were half as creepy.

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