Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 148

No list, nothing special to report.

No Talking Tuesday # 147

The List:

food is nearly ready

so render wise

i have a finishing render of updated temple of jaguars

take a look

i'm thinking it might be worth going back into to set up the shader the way it was for reconstructed osario

currently the shader is set up differently, since it's unique uv'd and i'm doing all the color separated layers
but it occurred to me i could do that with the old shader tree as well

in any case i've taken the new shader strategy about as far as it can reasonably go, if that's good to you we can
just stop there, or i can spend this afternoon making this shader

most of last night was to introduce the weathering

it's fully done, it's just different looking,

i have a texture that has all the streaking and darkening etc. i think i pulled it back too far,
i can easily just up it and it would look pretty much just like that render but more weathered, so i'll try that first?

i can re exaggerate the reflectivity difference in the current shader very easily, so no worries there

let me update the render

i'll have to look into it, i don't know off hand

Sunday, August 08, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 146

I made a mistake today! FRIGGGG.

Having just returned home from an overwhelming awesome Joanna Newsom concert, I was collecting myself over a online chess game. The Game quickly got out of control due to a unnecessary blunder on my part. Behind in material I tried desperately to take advantage of my better development, the game took on the hyper aggressive recklessness of a nineteenth century chess game, which surprisingly I was able to steer into a mid game check mate against my opponent. I was stunned and accidentally said out loud "Haha, crazy!"

I looked at the clock and saw that it was indeed four minutes into Tuesday, and then I pouted like a little baby.

No Talking Tuesday # 145

No list, nothing special to report.

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