Monday, October 26, 2015



I started a new blog over at:

I ported over the most interesting posts from this blog, for anyone who is tired of trudging through the noise on this blog to get to the good stuff. All new posts will be on the other blog leaving this blog to languish into obscurity. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

2013 Tasks

The completed items on my to-do lists from the year.
Most recently completed tasks towards at the top:

add yes to 6msticks
lonely doll book
cold press watercolor block
gouache, illustration board, sandpaper,  bigger brush,
check to make sure old paycheck is processed on 11/11
buy golden fine pumice gel for sketchbook painting
check missing edo image
paint Anthony portrait
buy marker paper/tracing paper
Monday 4th DMV 8:10
check check deposits
scan passport
email Danny for coffee
fry render amphitheater
find color ref for painting
game show off event, 507 lab c Sunday : 11:00
the fire theft, yo la tengo fade, crystal castles 3, brian eno lux, bat for lashes the haunted man, my bloody valentine mbv, grouper the man who died his boat, godspeed Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!, sigur ross kiveikur
felt, momus, eyeless in gaza, the clientele, louis philippe, paul roland, david sylvian, jacques a robin, the go betweens, dory previn, jacques brel
the wisdom of lao tsu from modern library, has other Chinese philosopher that's funny, juangsa
Nancy riding bear with hair flowing into fur
write parents check
Yucatan short
nick cave warren ellis
tom waits
bob dylan
Alabama shakes
bring snes to work
buy marker paper
bring replacement pen to work
check paycheck deposits
archive bluearc
bring razor pen, hitec-c, to work
check for matte painting
blog ca super 8
ask Kevin about German magazine
learn about silver-point drawing
Nancy low mix
blog Mike Tyson punch-out
6 month stickies
wondrous bughouse
bring hd to work
tomorrow night, the fly, bluestreak, new jack city, nurse betty, chloe in the afternoon, 48 hours
5:00 p.m. The Man Who Knew Too Much
Friday: Kixeye 14:30 Sean
Kixeye 12:30
add depth ques to spaceships
KIXEYE material gather, insight website, istock icons,
dylan: buckets of rain, the ballad of frankie lee, highway 61 revisted, i shall be free,blood on the tracks album
blog little nemo
Climb Ingmar 21:00
beat little nemo
let Ian know when shading
nott year end wrap up
43% tax?
Insight at nine
ink stone scanning
rider song lyrics
post columbo girl
blog tasks
gather Isaiah tracks to send Jeff
parking ticket
Jeff mix
catch up on nott
return netflix, get the proposition
check insight monkey, + grado
gather anyafox materials-class
2014 New Years Resolutions

Which also double as my "Hey man you turned 30, time to get it together resolutions."

I forgot to post this months ago when I wrote them, but here they are:

■Become proficient in oil painting
                  Paint portraits at least 5
                  Paint plein air environments at least 10
                  Focus on correct color matching for an optical retina effect with values/colors
                  Do at least two nema painting in oil

■Paint at least 3 full size guache imaginative paintings (probably nema images)

■Have an outfitted art space
                  Consider getting drafting table, easil, pochade box, large paper cabinet


■Get a nice job.

■Change website design
                  Look into template website companies
                  Look into html 5

■Sculpt maquettes
                  Eel monster

■Animate 2d nema cycles, run, walk, playful

■Become capable in the fundamentals of Brazilian Jujitsu

■No platues.

Climb v5’s

Get chess rating to 1600

■Plant garden (even if herb only)

■Update reel
                  Learn vray and recreate fry scenes
                  Finish dilapidated building scene and render
                  Create a rigged 3d character

■Story board two stories

■Write out in long form all stories

■Finish formatting and copying lifetime notes

■Go snowboarding at least once

■Sail at least once

■Don’t convince people rule

■Cube diet

■Don’t come off cynical/negative

■Learn the fundamentals of Japanese joinery

I striked through the ones I've completed already. A few words about those:

I moved a few months ago to a beautiful spot at the top of the Berkeley hills. I've filled my place with potted plants (The ones from the Nasa list of top air producers/cleaners), fireplace, an elaborate new lighting rig I made, art space, vegetable garden I've planted, hammock, roaming deers, cats, squirrels, and the fattest birds you'll ever see. I'll eventually post some photos.

I also finally updated my website. Though in the process of using squarespace and pointing my url to it, i've broken all the links to my various uploaded content/picutures that I used to use to inject images etc. into html code here and elsewhere on the internet, so I still need to figure out a way around that.

I've been taking Brazilian Jujitsu classes since the start of the year, and am loving it. I'll post about it separately, but suffice to say I've been shocked at how rewarding it is, and how much it's transformed my body and diet.

I've begin bouldering V5s at the gym and hope to be pretty consistant with them by the end of the year.

I planted my first garden! It was great, I don't know why I waited so long. Hopefully in another couple months i'll have lots of great produce from it.

I took a class in Japanese joinery, from a real master of the craft. I'll post about it in full later, but it was so incredibly rewarding to learn the tools and to make the basic joints.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

No Talking Tuesday # 346

May 13th 2014

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 345

May 6tht 2014

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 344

April 29th 2014

No list. Nothing special to report.
No Talking Tuesday # 343

April 22nd 2014

No list. Nothing special to report.