Monday, April 19, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 132

The List:

Completely redo something

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 131

The List:

So I finished the stage lighting, and brought it into the updated scene Todd game me Friday I think. Also I think Jun did some tree stuff. I thought we weren't doing cards since. Friday I think it was, Todd and I were looking at some geometry tests Jun did that were very promising, promising mainly in that a lot of tris that rendered fast. Oh but I did notice that with all the geometry now together (and maybe more importantly the high rez maps being red off the server during render) that renders take a long time, and are very unstable. it might come to that, but I'm guessing that would maybe fix the speed issue, but stability wise, I'm not sure how we can get through more than a handful of frames if that in a batch context, which is probably something to think about, hopefully this fry update will deal with a lot of these things I'm nervous about. Like Friday when I was trying to render out the plates to comp, it would usually crash if not like it just did, after a hour of rendering, meh.

Clam chowder bread bowl
and calamari please

Also I realize I've been
here before. This is where
things went sour with
Alina. Just over that
grassy knoll.

If it makes it past the export screen it dies after about an hour. So I'm going to try moving everything locally, and if it still doesn't work, rendering it with only shaders, no maps. it might also be that it's more processer intensive when you have lights and aren't using just the sun sky system. In fact I should test to see if it renders with no lights but with environment. well I hadn't had them together until now when it's also with the maps, and rendering off the server, so I don't know if the error is in which of those variables or a combination of them. I'll try as is with no practical lights, then moving the maps and scene over locally, then with no maps locally. But the thing is when I had the low rez scene, the render time didn't seem to depend on number of lights or complexity of my light rig etc.

if I do projections it's in body paint, but for those since they're all planar walls I just did it in Photoshop. But your question as to how to lay out the u'v's to match the program I'm using I don't understand.

well something to keep in mind is how much screen real estate you're uv's are going to be responsible for, my guess is fry can't handle super large rez maps (like over 4k) so depending on how close the camera is etc. it might be necessary to lay uv's so that they tile on the o-1 space horizontally, or break faces up into different objects. Etc.