Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Elegantly Aggressive Checkmate!

I just played a online chess game in which I played very aggressively and elegantly!
So much so I made the effort to look for a online chess gif maker to record the game for myself.
Here it is! I played white:

[Event "Live Chess"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2010.10.20"]
[White "aliartguy"]
[Black "pinorforkit"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "1446"]
[BlackElo "1355"]
[TimeControl "10|0"]
[Termination "aliartguy won by checkmate"]

1.e4 e5
2.Nf3 d6
3.Nc3 Nf6
4.d4 exd4
5.Nxd4 c5
6.Bb5+ Bd7
7.Nf5 Bxb5
8.Nxb5 a6
9.Nfxd6+ Bxd6
10.Nxd6+ Ke7
11.Nf5+ Ke6
12.Nxg7+ Ke7
13.Nf5+ Ke6
14.Bg5 Qxd1+
15.Rxd1 Nxe4
16.Ng7+ Ke5
17.f4# 1-0

No Talking Tuesday # 156

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Photos... Again!

Another one of my jerk friends thought it would be fun to abandon me to bachelor purgatory and went and got hitched.

At least he chose a stunningly beautiful California mountainside.
I took photos as is to be expected.
Here is the link with the full set, and below are some sample images:

No Talking Tuesday # 155

The List:

so i was wondering

well that's what i was wondering

if the final frame is the inner rectangles

so there is no safe space on the bottom of the frame?

no really

i just want to be clear, it's the

so now that we are clear about the framing want to quickly re watch the playblast and make sure the framing is what we want?

Monday, October 11, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 154

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One moderate for here please

I don't remember how square roots work
No Talking Tuesday # 153

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1 super heart smart
burrito with rice
---> black beans

If you called a cab to Mark's
could you buzz him there?

How sure are you he is home?

How would we get online?

Just call someone who knows Mark
and can call him for us

But these people have websites

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