Saturday, August 20, 2011

No Talking Tuesday #196

The List:

May I deposit these
checks, and transfer
$1000.00 to my mom's

1 chicken mole burrito please
· spinach tortilla
· black beans
· super
· cut in half
+ 1 churro
to go.

No Talking Tuesday # 195

No list. Nothing special to report.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

No Talking Tuesday # 194

This Tuesday found me on the eve of a much needed break from work, getting ready for a road trip first, down to LA with my German and Austrian roommates, then after chubbing up on some delicious Hop Li's, I'll be driving up to Seattle with my good friend Anthony, to move him into his new pad.

We will no doubt spend the drive crying on each others shoulders about our botched romantic aspirations and arguing about the most efficiently nerdy way to juice a pomegranate. It will be a friend reunion of sorts, as I've spent the last ten years shamefully procrastinated visiting various friends that have one by one moved up there, until now.

Within an hour of my plane landing back in SF I'll be back up to my ears in tutoring/teaching/freelance painting all over again. But I know spending a few days nerding it up with my friends, taking sunrise/sunset photos along California highways, eating good food and soaking up Seattle will do me a world of good.

The List:

I'm going out of town tomorrow until Sunday


half day open Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday free
probably half day on Thursday and Friday
no Saturday
Sunday half day free

in 2d or 3d?

are you looking for me to render and shade scenes in fry in 3d?

or paint over 2d?

i mean at this point i have a nice library of fry materials and doing stills isn't a big deal at all

overnight for super dense scenes

with millions of polys though

for normal scenes it's faster than mental ray

you can also see if di is free for something like this?

when does this need to be in by?

how many scenes?

how many images?
No Talking Tuesday # 193

No list. Nothing special to report.

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