Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Talking Tuesday # 31

Massive Fail

Until now my mistakes have been few and far between
and generally consisted of a one syllable word.

This time however, I was on the phone late Monday night
and when I hung up and looked at the clock
saw that I had been talking for over a hour past midnight.

Massive Fail

The List:

It’s a new beach boys comp,
re-mastered and very well
picked and arranged. I think
its all Brian Wilson songs. Its
amazing. A+

That will take a few weeks
until I return from Santa

It goes on to describe the
origin of “duck roll” that
made me laugh

Want to meet back at like
1:10 so you can be further

Its Tuesday, so ill be at that
Japanese place you don’t like

But if you decide you like it
your welcome, otherwise ill
beat you senseless at 1:10

My little ponies

I accidentally lied
That is her.

Haircut please
Nothing fancy, just a trim

Thank you

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No Talking Tuesday # 30

The List:

I’m not sure if I have
Filled this out completely
Or correctly

Also I don’t know my
Checking account #

I’m not really interested
In changing my accounts
Or upgrading right now.

Is my car o.k. out front?

No one was there this
Morning at 8:45

I have further
Business in the bank

20 min

Few years ago
5 or 6?

Pandemic Studios

Yesterday I think

For 5,000$

Maybe a credit card payment?

Thank you

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sketch Book Finished

I finally finished my sketchbook.

I resolved to pack it more full of drawings than any of my previous sketchbooks
and to not loose it before I had a chance to finish it. (Which is what usually happens.)
And oddly enough I was able to complete both goals.

I’ll be scanning and posting from it over the next couple weeks.
No Talking Tuesday # 29

The List:

I’m going to the Japanese place you don’t like.

I probably wouldn’t set it up on a Tuesday

Then yes

I wouldn’t call out to a orphan child about to be
run over

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No Talking Tuesday # 28

I almost didn’t write anything this Tuesday,
but trying to gesture that I was noticing lag on the television
when I was about to play my coworkers at Smash Bros. proved too difficult,
and they finally threw a pad of paper at me in frustration
to write down what I was trying to say.

The List:


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