Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Talking Tuesday # 70

Greetings from Paris.
This Tuesday found me not talking in a language I can’t speak anyway.
How terribly convenient.

The List:

What you’re describing
is like Japanese also

I can’t make sense of the
network access thing
to go online?

How did you get it to work?

Is there a non-mouth
(cleaning) tooth
brush I can use?
(to clean camera

In an hour or so I was thinking
of making a “polenta-ball”
desert thing I’ve been
imagining over the last
couple days. But I have
no idea how they will
come out. If I make them
will you try them?

May god help us all…

I’m going to go back to
finish it maybe

Hmm. Now you got me
all worried…

I was going to finish
the line art and
do a wash coloring
like the plant on
the first page

I’m going to the store
to look for something
to put in the centre
of the polenta balls
do you want me to
pick you up anything?

Is there
any vanilla?

Are you hungry for dinner?

I am roasting some vegetables now
will be ready in about 45 mins if
you can wait that long?

Anna told me
this morning she
is coming home
at midnight?

About 1 1/2

Remember we have
that desert after
this. Though I have
no idea how it came
out. It’s possible I
flew to high by
Adding those figs…

I roasted the
pepper and
garlic and
tomatoes which
made them sweet
plus the balsamic
vinegar is a
little sweet

Far south behind

I made a
couple without
the figs to be
safe. All are
fair game if you
want to snack

I still have lots
of batter to make fresh

I found it tends
to bring out
peoples true

Well I have
to be able to work
and interact with
people. If I was always
alone on Tuesdays I wouldn’t
learn as much I don’t think

Ultimately no talking day
is about communication

Listening is
as active
in conversation
as talking
but more

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Talking Tuesday # 69

The List:

I was trying to tell you that like any good dictator
I smite you with one hand and with the other
I pull you into my proverbial bosom

Also I noticed some kind of globular
fetus element go into your cup from the tea,
lord knows what the tung ting has given birth to,
proceed with caution

Oh lord, lets just hope it's not a queen

Do you remember what I wrote
to communicate to you last Tuesday?

Yea but what

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Talking Tuesday # 68

The List:

One kale apple juice please

Your hair looks nice by the way

Do you sell clothing buttons?

Do you sell clothing buttons?

Do you sell buttons?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Writing Section Updated

Added a few, deleted and re arranged some others.
Hopefully the writing page is a smidge less cheesy and gag inducing.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No Talking Tuesday # 67

The List:

Just a trim please

Ali # 293


anyone who finds an excuse to mention they were blogging
their troubles on myspace and that you might be interested
in reading it is crying out for help

oh god
that sounds amazing

It's Gabriel Fauré. I took the Schubert train to his station.
And he's been rocking my world ever since,
the way he combines strings and keys is insane

Oh and all that cheese experimentation finally paid off
I got this amazing cheese today
I also got four olive oils from different regions and taste tested them
and combined them in unequal amounts for a pretty amazing composite oil,
that with the cheese.... forget about it

Monday, January 05, 2009

R.I.P & Birth

Say hello and goodbye to this sorry looking specimen of loyalty and perseverance. This has been my wallet for the last fifteen years. I found it rummaging through my dad’s things when I was ten. And quickly thought it a lucky charm as it proved to be the only wallet which I did not proceed to lose within the first month. Through the years it slowly began to lose various layers. First the faux leather layer went, and then the faux fuzzy layer beneath it, then the layers beneath that, as well as the Velcro wore off. At some point I modified it so that I could insert money more freely by cutting open one of the ends and had to consequently sow closed the change pocket on that side.

But in recent years the last couple layers began to wear through and larger chunks began tearing off. Money began poking out the back and change started spilling from where the stitches I made had come apart. It soon became clear the wallets time was coming to an end, and having never come across another of its like, I began wearily considering taking what was left of the wallet to a tailor or seamstress to make me a new one.

The decision to go through with this plan was harder than I expected. I started to realize the wallet had at some point become a symbol. It was a fixture in my life, and on many levels represented me. Hideous in certain conventional respects, it was none the less highly effective from a utilitarian point of view, unique in make, and highly enduring. My loyalty and monogamous commitment had become personified.

I always forgot how odious it was in the eyes of others and this often resulted in hilarious clashes. One time in particular comes to mind where I was on a first date, and I took my wallet out to pay for the cab ride, but It was full of hundred dollar bills (long story) that I was annoyed to have to weed through for change, when I looked up and the girl was looking with the most confused shocked expression at the juxtaposition of my decrepit wallet, full of hundred dollar bills, and me seemingly un-phased by either.

But I digress; I can’t allow myself to get lost in revelries of times past. It was in this state of hesitation that the holidays found me when my friend Melissa pulled my Christmas present out from her sweatshirt pocket. It was a wallet, my wallet. But no, it was much cleaner and un-torn. I looked at it with vacant incomprehension while she very soothingly assured me that she knew what my wallet means to me and doesn’t want me to feel pressured to accept it, but that she had found a similar one and wanted me to have it etc… I looked at her dumbfounded as she handed me the wallet. And sure enough it was almost the exact same. I had never seen another of its kind and was staring at it in disbelief while I blubbered half incoherent expressions of gratitude to her for her thoughtful present. I can count on one hand the number of good presents I have received in my life. I’m almost impossible to shop for and have a taste that is infuriatingly demanding and specific. But here Melissa had seen how pitiful my wallet was, taken special notice of its brand and design and had found the same where and when I have no idea. And had given this amazing present to me completely unprovoked. Sometimes I forget why women are so amazing, and then something like this happens and I thank god for their existence. And Mellissa is one of the most amazing of the bunch.

Within a few days I had digested what happened and resolved to start the new year with my new wallet. I made the same modifications as I had to my old one, and am happy to say my new wallet is resting in the back pocket of my pants as we speak.

New wallet:

After modifications:

New Year’s Resolutions 2009

France, Greece and Japan
Travel to them

Girlfriend Stop dating around like an idiot and settle down with one
___________Give less attention to crazy women
___________And more to emotionally healthy women

Oil Paintings
Paint at least 6 awesome ones

Finish it
_______Finish transcribing old note/sketchbooks
_______Piece together and organize all like ideas and themes

Yucatan short
Finish it

Master scales And be able to improvise freely in all keys. Not just C major

Old Negatives Scan and edit them

Japanese S
tart taking it seriously and become conversational

Short Film S
tart and finish at least one new one

Record Music (my best of) by year’s end

Anya and Fox Finish it in at least high quality storyboard form

Literary Publications
Begin submitting to them

Mamiya or Hasselblad Get camera and appropriate gear

Cinematography Get appropriate gear

Sleep Schedule
Commit to a more sensible one
________________Don’t stay up past 2 am without a good reason

Make this your internet start page to be reminded each day
Also paste a print of this by computer monitor

Check in at 6 months (July 1st)
and be at least half way through all quantifiable resolutions.

Don’t start regressing in areas you are doing well in.
Continue swimming, and Pilates.
Stay addiction free, don’t start eating crappy food, don’t get lazy in general.

You’re not getting any younger. Many of your friends are settling down,
and you are not as far along in your art as you hoped to be by this time.
Don’t let down ten year old Ali. Be more awesome.

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