Tuesday, April 30, 2013

California Super 8 Short

A short film I made using super 8 footage I took in SF and Santa Barbara in 2008.


Brian Eno - Always Returning
Devil May Cry OST - Colosseum

Eating Contest

I forgot to report that a while ago I entered into an eating contest with some friends and ate 5.3 pounds!

I got second place sadly. I'm convinced that if I had known about the contest ahead of time I would have won. As it was I had already eaten that day, and the food was crappy American food. If I had fasted, and the food had been Asian, I know I would have won...

Kung Fu (NES): Beat!

Er. Well, sort of..

It turns out to be one of those games that just starts over from the beggining over and over. So I beat it in both game modes, (played 2.5 times through "A" mode.)

Pretty fun in general but a lot easier than I was expecting. I wonder if I had actually beaten it when I was a kid and just forgot?

Paperboy (NES): Beat!

I beat Paperboy for Nintendo!

Actually it wasn't very hard or dramatic in anyway. I think the only reason I hadn't done it as a kid was because I lacked patience... 

No Talking Tuesday # 291

April 23rd 2013

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April 16th 2013

No list. Nothing special to report.

No Talking Tuesday # 289

April 9th 2013

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April 2nd 2013

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