Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wedding Photos

My long time friend Isaiah, made a honest woman out of a rather sweety pie girl named Melissa a couple months back. It was inevitable as they are both far too awesome together to not get married. So begins the chapter of my life where my friends leave me in the soul crushing dating world and retire into boring lives of talking about picking up IKEA furniture, and how best to arrange potted plants on the deck. When will I be able to get some of that action?

I was best man and photographer. Here are the photos!

No Talking Tuesday # 152

The List:

Don't do laundry so early

not really?

there is a really nice bookstore
kind of far

nice record shops farther
down the street

just keep walking down until it
starts to suck

No Talking Tuesday # 151

Way too much communication to get a burrito. The woman mistakenly put the order in for a steak burrito, which effectively ended my non red meat eating streak by accident. She even had the audacity to shrug off responsibility by mumbling "You said something different", obviously I didn't say anything, I wrote it down very legibly, in the very pad she was holding, and which I pointed to the line of my correct order. She looked askance and muttered "Oh, yea..."
Take that burrito woman. I love your burritos but not your attitude!

The List:

1 special burrito


I ordered the special
burrito which was
supposed to be fish?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 150

The List:

for some reason the information stamp didn't get exported with the rendered image, but in any case 1550 took 43min 20 sec and 1500 was forty something minutes. do you remember what the one you saw was? 44? 45 20

and this is essentially exactly what I've been rendering, just the osario with the ground

i put it on everything as a test, and it worked fine, but didn't save since i'm waiting on chris to final uv's on stuff. but once the file is ready it will be very easy. essentially what i'm going to do is put a grid texture on everything and scale uv's so it's all about the same texture density then apply the stucco, and that's pretty much it. whatever doesn't look good i'll make another version of the stucco with more or less displacement/reflectivity, etc. as needed.but it's not in the file as it is now, i just threw it on and didn't save.

it wasn't the alitest file? yea i directed you to a alitest file, hmm, then if that's not it i'm not sure. but i did render from the main scene. i stamped it but it didn't save with the images. but i have both the images without the stamp'd info. yea i did. no. have you done it before with a 16 bit image? hmm, then i don't know i bucketed the stamp and it was in the viewport when i saved out the image. no because i've since closed down fry the only thing i have from it is the two images. and the knowledge of how long they took.

i doubt it's displacement, i bet i could render five osarios at the same time and still not get the low performance we've been seeing on the problem frames

i would rather have two versions of the scene, one with osario, and one with ballcourt, and in the beginning of when you can see the ballcourt peeking in the background of the osario, we just composite it in after. because we don't have to worry about a loss in fidelity bringing the ballcourt into the background of the beginning of the shot, but composting the osario onto the background when we're so close to it is going to mess up the GI and look weird i think.

have we confirmed that the render is ok when the ballcourt has no displacement but is in the scene?

but how can you assume there is a problem with the ballcourt when it renders ok by itself?

and did you do a version of the render without temple of tigers as part of the ballcourt, but with the background?

but i want to know if the high geometry of the temple doesn't play well with the background scene, we can't know that until we do a render of the background and ballcourt minus the temple.

but it would be worth knowing anyway before wo kick off a render for every frame

but it would allow us to finally see that all frames render at a expected time

i could simply replace the temple with a level 1 version out of mudbox, the u'vs wont match up exactly because i hand tweaked them on the high level temple, but good enough to fade to in the distance and easy

well we can bring the hero back in ass soon as we clear the osario

sure, though am i not trying to get kukukaln out by tonight?
No Talking Tuesday # 149

The List:

it was about 250

the time intensive tweak you remembered me saying but neither of us could specifically remember yesterday; i remember now that it was to split the colors

well the shader displacement is just one switch, you just unclick displacement

i think so but i should double check it first

as two or one image?

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