Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Talking Tuesday # 74

This week I resumed work at Insight
Where I'm continuing on the film Maya Skies.
A little over a year back I had done a two week stint in the Yucatan 
3D scanning Mayan temples/pyramids and painting up some pre-viz (

This time I'm in the bay area working on sight in the Emeryville studio, and have been having a blast,
thanks in no small part to the talented and wonderfull people I'm working with.
As evidenced in the effortless communication my first no talking tuesday on the job.

The List:

Ali nice to meet you


Can you give me a print screen of the serpent?
so I can know how to shape the scales for the displacement map

Where is that obj file for the thing I'm giving the
stucko treatment

Last night we tried to bring that file into bodypaint

Well we're just using body paint for the maps right?

Right but that's just for painting maps for objects?

We're not sculpting in body paint so why would the
cordinates of object matter?

We just have another obj centered so we can work
with it in bodypaint, but it would be just for
working on map creation

I don't remember, but it could be complicated as
far as U.V's go if we have a bunch of
discreet pieces with different U.V's and objects
in Bodypaint


Can you help me? How come I can't sculpt on this

EA owns them now

I didn't look

Culver city

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dislodged From Immediate Experience

A glimpse at objective reality swimming just beyond the sizzle of my perception.

This morning I lay starring into the swelling morning sky beyond slanted roofs and naked branches.

Exhausted from a sleepless night my mind sparking and slipping from underneath itself,
suddenly tumbled over into a foreign expanse.

I found myself in a detached stillness where consciousness dislodged from immediate experience.

Finite distinctions dissolved and time, thought, and body/non-body lost their discreet identities.

I wandered from my station at times assembly line of reality, I had somehow slipped away unnoticed,
left to float without purpose in an ocean of stillness.

When I came back the rooftops persisted their angles,
and the familiar sensation of burning eyes and cold shoulders returned defiantly unchanged.
I came back the same except for a vague understanding that I had profited
from a brief mismanagement of perception.
Though it had likely only been a sliver of time, I was left overwhelmed by the experience.

By the time the sky ripened to noon, my memory of the moment dried to a shuddering outline.

And now at midday, waiting for a flight out of LAX, I question if I ever felt it at all.
My mind seems to be destroying the evidence of it's mistaken insight.
By sundown I'll probably be convinced I imagined the whole thing.

I realize it's useless to attempt to define a moment of indefinable completion

using words I've only ever trained to clarify distinctions.
But I thought it worth preserving the struggle
at least while I still believe I experienced a brief moment of truthfulness.
No Talking Tuesday # 73

The List:

Just a trim please

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Talking Tuesday # 72

The List:

that's "starlight vocal band"
"aww, they suck!"

the same girl who did the cell phone lift joke

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Talking Tuesday # 71

I made a mistake!

I blame France and it’s disorienting my system,
what with its fancy cheeses and lingering sunsets.
C'est la vie!

I made the mistake when I woke up in the morning and forgot it was Tuesday
and replied to a question (I don’t remember what) with:

“ Oh, Go for it. “

The List:

I’ll go to the store and get some chicken soup
or the ingredients to make it, do you or Pauline
want anything else?

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