Monday, January 28, 2008

Emo looser?

My radar for emo cheezy-ness is completely broken when it comes to myself.
I have no business in front of a camera,
and whenever I have to deal with anything self portrait related,
I always feel out of my depth.

That being said,
my friend asked for a photo she would put near my artwork on my page
in her book that attempts to collect together un-discovered artists,
she is trying to get published.
(kind of like where you would normally see a bw photo of a artist in a black turtle neck)

I thought i would get artsy with my photo, but perhaps I went too far?

No Talking Tuesdays # 18

The List:

Garden veg burger

Would you have them submit builds that
You could tell them to make changes on?

If there is a diff. of vision bet. You and
Cell, what happens?

3. Let’s get bizzy in this hizzy
via street fighter

2. I desire a mortar and pestle
for my elaborate cooking

Crushing spices and

1. He fascinates me.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Computer! - Much Art on the Way!

I recently got a beefy new computer.

And after a long ordeal of trying to get it to work with all my gadgets
(I’ll spare you the story.
Suffice to say it’s long and epic,
filled with deception and intrigue)

I finally succeeded in getting it all working in consort
(computer, monitor, color calibrator, tablet
scanner + transparency adapter, printer, midi keyboard)

So I can finally scan sketches and photos and edit color
at my required levels of O.C.D’ness.

So look foreword to allot more art being posted here!
Film Work - Yucatan - Maya Skies

So in November I spent a couple weeks

working on a full dome film in the Yucatan.

The Film is called Maya Skies

I was brought on board to help
with the 3D scanning of the ruins and pyramids
and to paint color boards.

The experience was incredible to say the least.
Two weeks trekking around the Yucatan
Crammed in an astro-svan with a group of really fun
And very talented guys
(visual effects, photographers, archeologists, technical etc.),
visiting ruins, caves, beaches etc.

Nights were usually spent scanning
different parts of the pyramids at Chichen-Itza
(Scanning on top of a pyramid,
in the quite blackness of night,
surrounded by forest,
under a full sky of stars
is really incredible)
and days were spent working on color boards in the lab,
exploring ruins, taking film and drawing, eating panuchos,
swimming, and drinking all manner of fresh juices.

If you want to learn more about the Film
and see more photos and drawings I made:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Talking Tuesday # 17

The List:

I recommend Japanese place
around corner

ISO is a abortion
if we do Japanese
lets try the
one near E.B

Japanese games are the Kate Bush
of the industry. American games
are the Tom Jones.

and I think the guy who
did the original mega man games etc.
is up there

The goodness of both of them aren’t mutually

He is responsible for all of Nintendo
while Wright is just allowed to stay
in his personal world and make procedural games

Spore is one game

He is running a empire. He can make amore of
a difference this way. I’m sure he would
rather be making games personally but he has
bigger responsibilities.

1 small carrot/orange juice please


I have an assload of Helvetica now


My friend who is a graphic designer

It’s surprisingly hard to get Helvetica if
you don’t want to pay for it

That’s how I roll

I was hoping to have a keyboard at
work I could dink around on while I
wait for things to load

But this is midi, so ill have to have so
much to go with it, that It might not
be worth it.

But it was free, when cam was giving
away a bunch of stuff

I have a midi keyboard and all the stuff
at home. I don’t know if I want to
bother having a second set for here.

Fruityloops and cubase and reason

Well I have a laptop, but now I’m
roping a computer into the mix. I
wanted none of this. Ill just give this
one away and get a five dollar

Do you want this keyboard?

It also needs an ac adapter.
From radioshack.
All the better.
Midi to usb connecter.
that’s midi.

I saw this day coming for a while.
You played as well as always.
I just turned super sayin finally.

Train in 300 gravity chamber.

I’ll have to resort to entertaining myself in other ways like that.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No Talking Tuesday # 16

The List:

Hot tea
Broiled mackerel
Miso soup

1 small orange juice please

That yours?

Who is this?

If I’m reading it right, this is a
extremely good film digitizing


But at other sites it would cost
900$ for a high rez

How dare you

I have to ship I think

250feet per reel

I don’t know what’s going on

With your new cannon camera?

Yea that’s in that box set I have

I don’t think so

My music transfer folder is
getting out of control, its become
the nexus of musical journeymen

So you get the files themselves

Is it at some streaming bit rate?

Wait so what do you mean by
having to only get songs that the
person is listening to or

So what did off the wall mean?

That’s the future
Is now

That’s rad, but it’s only the
people who are on your network

So you have to do that for each
separate song right

But then how do you get it to
your home pc?

The power of the internets

My god…

Step softly into that dark night

I don’t have internet at home so
I cant unlock the torrent power

I just have friends i.m me things
that they downloaded

Probably movies
Probably things that weren’t out

I have to read the fine print, I bet
its not what it seems

I have a very unusual and
specific thing I want, so I have
to hash it out with diff. labs

Going to be a pain

I want one, but medium format
is pricy. Yashica one twenty four

Rolloflex is the high end?

What about hassleblad?

They all use the same Polaroid
back thing?

So the first two cameras you
said are different size film…?


So the mamiya thing is good

Yea I think so.

Why sell?

So your going to get another dig.

Is it expensive?

Does it have a fancy lens or

Enough of this digital black
Back to medium format thing

Which kinds support Polaroid


Is twin lens thingee just when
there are two lens’s that you can
rotate into position?

So the other ones you’re stuck
with whatever lens is in body

But is that lens optimized to be
amazingly good with that

So lets say I want a medium format camera
with a semi telephoto good lens
and Polaroid back,
what’s that going to cost me?

That’s not bad


I want the 35mm equivalent of a
150-200 mm lens



No zoom!

Why does it say 100-200

Samurai spirit!

You have plastic on your

Are the newer ones more
Like lens’s?


That lens attached to body?

1050mm lens!?

I want the equivalent of a 150-

That’s how I roll

I don’t want to be able to smell
the model

This whole package is only 350
though, that’s not bad


Ill leave you to your devil magic

I choose the latter

Don’t bother with the digital back

Keep it real

Hey if you want to be real
serious about scanning negs

You need to use a drum scanner

I can scan at 65000 right now

Yours truly,
I scan at 48000 every night

It promotes unity

I want to go to a lab or
something that I can just take the
port negs I have (30 or so) and
get those pro scanned.

But they’ll probably charge me for
the whole neg sheet or some
such nonsense?

I heard its good as well

But I thought it was for game

I heard that was good as well

I wait I have it

I bought it a few weeks ago
Haven’t played it yet

I think maybe xbox

Are all the od world games

Monday, January 07, 2008

No Talking Tuesdays # 15

This no.T.tues. was especially dramatic and slightly ironic,
as the very moment I was supposed to shout “Happy new year!”
was the exact moment I had to stop talking.

I went to a party at my friends house for new years
and made a “shake your ass comp. of music”
to encourage ass shaking.

It had Michael Jackson (pre-alien), Eurythmics, Daft Punk,
Chemical bros. and a host of others.
and the song that played first after the stroke of midnight new years eve was
‘The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There’.

I took great pride that the first song a room of forty or so people
heard this year was a Beatles song.
And of course, asses commenced to shake (how could they resist?)
and my friend asked me who the band was,
which also means the first thing I wrote in the new year,
(and in my first no talking Tuesday of ’08)
was “The Beatles”.

As auspicious a start for the new year as I could hope…

The List:


Imagine if we got a girl pregnant
after high school, we could have
a seven year old child by now

Thus begins the new chapter in our
lives where our friends marry

Just Tuesdays

Long complicated explanation

Microsoft office

Chicken flauta please

They gave us burritos
instead of chicken flautas

Did I leave my sexy pen here?
also my response to your question
is 80% likelihood of yes

Can I use your internets

Install mozilla also

I’m going to go home and check
for my pen, i'll be right back

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

No Talking Tuesday # 14

Last one of the year.

The List:

Grapefruit I think

One Shirley temple please


Guitar hero

She is holding her own ------

What is it?

Elegant glass for beer

They may be talking about periods

That juke box is a sham

Late. But not bad

I want more

You should

Over shrimp empanadas


Follow your heart

I like the alliteration

It sort of rhymes

I’m getting off on music selection

I’m going back for a sec. round
during Joy Division

Joy Division always = win

We should see the movie before you leave

If I have internet tonight

Set #2 is mellow

You still have your record player?

I’m thinking of getting one

I’m an old fuddy duddy

Also I just got a record when
I received the new Radiohead album

I guess a bit of both

I’m trying to phase out digital versions
of things (i.e. Photography– large format, writing – typewriter, etc.)

Brings pleasure to my life

What records do you have?

They got to my set immediately

Beatles, mazzy star, ?

You want to sell me your record player?

Where should I go to get one?

Ideally I want one with no plastic

A girl recently accused me of being
“One of those Wes Anderson losers.”

I had to take stalk

Well she went on to explain what she meant
And described the specific Wes Anderson
Brand of emo-ness

More or less

I want to engage in secret communiqué

But cant due to the publicity of this format

Did you make your knitted gabs?

Tell me something juicy


Whatever you tell me, has to be
uncensored, so choose something
you don’t have to censer


Take your time to form it

I don’t understand the “during” stipulation

That’s a good thing

I agreed to no such terms

I can see that

I can’t

I haven’t serviced myself for eight weeks

Explanation is very subtle and convoluted

This isn’t the format for this, but Brad
has heard the explanation and may be
able to give you a butchered version of it.

No that’s an unfortunate by product
I’m currently suffering through


Well its painful… but not bad


No I can, I choose not to

I can explain tomorrow

One water please

A mixture of reasons…
Ultimately I get far more out of
it then it taxes from me

This is my 14th week

Do you know the expression
“The cut of your jib”?

I don’t know the meaning/origin, but:
I like the cut of your jib.

Sure in a little bit

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