Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 144

The List:

Got the current day kukulkaln and the new carocal in the master scene,
and I'm doing two renders, each one being the closest we get to either structures.
it was upside down and 1/100 the scale. well the first of the two.
I can't open the master scene on this computer.
did you get the

No Talking Tuesday # 143

The List:

I think it would be cool
if we do the 1080p, approach
to purposely break the reality
of the shots by doing in
shot breakdowns showing
the color wipe on to the white
versions of architecture. This
way we could include this
question of how to reconstruct
color into the narrative
it would be like a reconstruction
breakdown reel in the same
way revealing render layers
in the shot would serve a
compositing break down reel.

I'm still for flat output, re cut
to be much more feasible (less frames,
focus on what's good looking etc.)

I can write up a texturing
to do list today broken up into
sections based on variables
like flat or dome output,
reconstruction and current
day texture work etc.

It has a tuned procedural
what you can see in renders
that looks nice

I was going to repaint color
in 3D in mudbox

I can keep it, I don't think it will
matter too much either way

Kicking off German render

Tamales plate special please

Thursday, July 08, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 142

I made a mistake today! I had a presentiment I would, and tried to be hyper diligent, then the mentally retarded neighbors cat who's obsessed with me, started meowing plaintively, from the other side of the sliding glass door, during a quite section in my piano playing. I swiveled around on the bench and blurted out loud "Meow-zer face! Meow!" I was so pissed, though my rage was somewhat soothed by her endearingly mental retardation based obsession with me.

She knows when I'm visiting my parents by the sound of my piano playing, and I'm told that for a week or so after I leave each time she meow's in front of my room for as long as it takes before one of my parents lets her in to see for herself I'm not there. She wont leave until she's done a tour of the room, and even then to come back the next day to check again. If only I could find this purity of love from a human woman... Maybe she too has to be mentally retarded?

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