Monday, November 26, 2007

No Talking Tuesday #9

Thirty minutes or so into the no-talking day,
I leaned back on a bed and hit my head against a wall
and squeaked out a quite "oww"...
whether or not that constitutes a break of the no-talking oath I'm not sure,
but I felt dirty inside non the less.

The List:

Is this it?
or is there more?

We can chill in your house
for a bit, then if you
bore me, I can leave

I’m being flippant
we can go inside
and you can hash it
out with me, and
really let me have it


All right well ill leave
we can hang out
another time

Don’t worry
I’ll leave when I
get bored

So how do you want
to take a stand
against my tyranny?

Well if it’s too much
to deal with we can
just hang out
later when were
more on equal footing?

I want to either leave or:
1. relax in your apartment w/
a full stomach and dark chocolate
2. listen to you chastise me

The lead is a
middle eastern guy no?

Mixture of both


I like candle smell

I don’t think I like dresses
that bunch in the middle
like that

I like when they just drape

I want you to stick it to me

what do you want?


cop out

It put nothing on the line

I want you to bare yourself

I’ve got time…

time paradox!

tell me what
your feeling

I wont tolerate
any cowardice

If we just take
things slowly
I promise it will
be ok

remember my
honesty rule

I’m just very
patient and
that can be frustrating

The only thing i want
is for you to be honest
with me, and for us
not to force anything

don’t worry about
what I want

I want naked unguarded

That will come with time
and I’m patient

1 Italian chicken Panini
-with potato salad


1 hot apple cider please
1 coconut macaroon

Saturday, November 17, 2007

No Talking Tuesday # 8

So this is the last no talking tuesday in the Yukatan.

I had a great time travelling for this film,
and hope to post some of the concept and 3d work
im doing for it soon.

I took my super 8 camera and 35mm still camera
and took lots of footage and photos, look out for that
when i get the footage and photos developed.

A record breaking amount of writing this week as you can see.

Unlike the work related communication i write at Pandemic on tuesdays,
I dont have to keep the work i'm doing on the mayaskies project a secret,
so if your interested in how people who work in visual effects or games
talk at work (i dont know why you would be) this records the madness...

The List

Your o.b.j isnt loading in
bodypaint or maya
sup wit dat!?

Have you got it to open in
Maya on your machine?

Just save out an mb or ma
file then?

Well now i'm going to export
an obj for body paint

Room 101
por favor

Not very far. I started with the most un-skewed photo, and im still having to do a ton of correction to every different part of the photo before it matches the scan data.

Ingmar was in the room around 2:30 ish


Judging by how long it took
me to manually register the
straight on photo to the 3d model
it’s going to take me a long
time to register the perspective
heavy photos… how should
I manage my time so as to
still do the crazy bump/
Z-brush pipeline? Am I going
to be able to work tomorrow?

I had to break up the one straight on photo into about 4 chunks and register them separately.

So the more perspective heavy photos are going to need much more massaging.

This is the one I already did

I mean what’s on there now, matches up great

Well the crazy bump pipeline isn’t needed when there is already scan data


It would be allot easier to register textures if the ref photos were taken from farther away

That makes me feel dirty, but ill do it

Also when I get back to the states, I’m still available to work on stuff.

So in the proxy scene for the warrior’s temple, which part should I break off and work on for the test?

Doing the corner/edge will show off more the power of smoothening corners and whatnot, but will also take more time then just a flat brick panel

I don’t think the 3d data matches the photos?

Well in the interest of time ill worry less about matching the carving detail and put more of a procedural stone surface that’s a sort of average of that surface

Probably the pattern was the same, but maybe that’s why I had to do so much tweaking

Did you already eat?

ok let’s go

I talked with Kevin and
the new strategy is to
texture the rest of the
column in a more general
way (which im just about
done with) then move
on to the crazy bump
technique for the proxy

Very slow on my comp

So the middle piece is
correctly registered
so I just need to color match
and project the bottom and
top. Very quick

The column is done

I want to eat that veggie burrito

Mayaland or bust

It’s Muhammad’s
cousin or whatever

It sort of looks like Bulgarian

Order me melon juice
and veggie burrito

I’ve long since gotten off the maya bullshit train… and am not looking to get back on board… I don’t understand why the lower part of the wall is grey in the view-port, and why the uv’s ive laid on the inside faces don’t show up in the render

Having two different textures on one model, to push through the zbrush pipeline is complicated anyhow, it will be enough for me to just focus on working with this one tiling texture on the model currently. Lets worry about the inside faces tomorrow morning.


Well I noticed that the brick texture on the lower wall tiles. So if im going to layout the uv’s on the lower part of the wall so that I can incorporate the texture change on the inside faces, then I should have the wall not tile anymore. But looking at the photos Antonio took, its not clear to me if the entire wall is accounted for, or what order the photos progress down the line. Couple that with my retired maya skills and looming deadline make me think it would be better to just go ahead and feed the lower wall as is through the crazy bump/zbrush pipline im proposing to make sure it works, so that Kevin can have something to look at tomorrow morning. Then when I get back to the states. Give it a more production level treatment.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

No Talking Tuesday #7

So I should explain a self-imposed No-Talking-Tuesday stipulation.
The no talking time is not from midnight to midnight.
Rather, from midnight to whenever I go to sleep the following night.
So this means that my no talking often lasts longer than 24 hours.
(Usually 30-40 hours.)

The reason for this is that I often go to bed really late
and wake up later than most for my work.
So going from midnight to midnight would only cover
about half my waking time for that day.
To air on the side of caution, I extend the no-talking
until sometime Wednesday morning when I finally go to bed
(usually between 2:30 and 6:00 am).

That being said, this was the first Tuesday where this became relevant:

I was helping with late night 3d scanning
of the Temple of the Warriors” at
Chichén Itzá.
I alerted my teammates a few minutes before midnight Monday night
then continued to work until three or four a.m in silence.

Then the following night (Tuesday night)
I was out scanning again and didn’t get back to the hotel until four a.m(wed).
This proved especially awkward because a new team member I haven’t met
(he didn’t know about my Tuesdays) had arrived while I was out scanning,
and I entered the hotel to find him awake in bed,
obscured in darkness, trying his best to greet me cordially.
For my part I stalked the room in silence and eventually sat on my bed
across from him and scribbled my final no talking Tuesday words…

The List:

I haven’t learned
registration yet

It might be easier
to keep doing this
no burn.

Why leave?
only 1:30

Pineapple jugo?

Enchiladas de pollo
- mole saue

Want to check what
i'm doing, and make
sure im on the
right track?

Mainly lighting

Too theatrical?
not natural enough?

For that should
I not worry about
painted color and

All that red paint
will look black at
night no?

What’s my schedule
Am I scanning?

If I stay here
I can hopefully
Get the diff.
Color comps done

Pinaple jugo
Por favor

Im going to
Be in the lab


1 order por favor

Why am I going to

- Ali Jamalzadeh

I dropped it off
Earlier today

I already did

I’m not talking
A.) Nah. I was working
On some color boards
At the lab.

Monday, November 05, 2007

No Talking Tuesday #6

Greetings from the Yucatan!

In keeping with my promise to myself to always
publish my Tuesday report before the next Tuesday;
i'm breaking my promise with myself to not be connected
to the real world while in the Yucatan... Time paradox!

the lab im working in down here has unexpectedly good internet access;
the only difference is lizards crawling over my keyboard as I type.

So this is the report of my last Tuesday in L.A

Tomorrow im going to unleash no-talking-Tuesdays on the unsuspecting Yucatan-ians

Which should prove interesting when I have to explain to the early morning guards
at Chichén Itzá why im climbing the pyramids and filming from restricted locations.
Should my National Science Foundation and Anthropology badges not assure them,
then things will get interesting.

The List:

Im not talking today
is that OK?

Are we leaving now?

who else?

Where we eating?

Same here

1 chicken burrito please


For commissioned work:

They can choose a word
or sentence, and the
artist decides what
to paint to fit it.

- All my work is available
to view on my website

- I have a nice printer
and can print my stuff
no problem

I wouldn’t know which to
print to show?

I can just choose like five or

“Mental physical
____ satellites in space.”

1 small carrot/orange

Where is Aaron?

Thanks allot!
I owe you one

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