Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Still Remaking

If I ever had to go to trial to decide if I was hopelessly neurotic beyond redemption, I'm afraid the following would be the prosecutor's exhibit A.

What started simply as a page of test text, to check the thoroughness of my recently serviced type writer, (due to a series of unexpected events I now have three perfectly working gorgeous typewriters, though I only ever wanted one...) predictably turned into a stream of consciousness outpouring, which by degrees in the following twenty seven drafts came together into a few cohesive lines of verse.

The evolution of this piece was more exhausting than any I've written in recent memory, and though it changed considerably through the many drafts, and many of my favorite lines got the axe at one point or another, the final result comes very close to capturing the nebulous sentiment I wanted.

Still Remaking

Hurried into your clothes
i quietly broke
between your sharp hips and fingertips
swirling in the half light
just before the bend

and if you know
(though i doubt you do)
the hurried up past before we flew
was all i had
and all i knew

in smothered moments
too shallow to swim through
all you stole from me
when i begged you to

we were the shameful tolerance
of my sincerity
i remember only
because i have nothing better
than scraped knees and shaking
still remaking
the sense you never.

No Talking Tuesday # 141

This Tuesday found me lecturing on a host of artistic/technical articles I prepared as part of a masters class web seminar to teach data driven computer graphics as it pertains to creating full dome films and helping the archeological community. Well that is to say the preceding day I gave a few lectures, on Tuesday I simply handed over my segments to my coworkers to present on my behalf and I instead got lunch ready and stuck around in case anyone wanted to ask me a question in the post session chatrooms we had set up. Speaking of which, when my art director told me of the structure of the "web-inar" and that it included live chat etc. I made a smart ass comment that if we go that rout we will get nothing but chat's from people with screen names like "cowboy69" asking things like "It looks pretty hot in there, maybe you would be more comfortable with your shirt off?" We all had a good laugh, then wouldn't you know it the first question we got in any of our separate chatrooms was in mine, which read "It looks hot in that room?" To which I replied "It's pretty warm, but I'm Persian." And then proceeded to answer another persons legitimate question about 3D data archiving.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 140

The List:

I accidentally deleted something that's not a big deal but if i can easily recover it from the thing

four files:


It's just oolong tea

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 139

No list. Nothing special to report.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 138

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Tea Crazy

Finally all the spring harvests of my favorite Mainland China and Taiwanese teas have made it state side. I had my first cup of the 2010 Lishan Spring after having been deprived for months. It felt like coming home. 300$ and a three hour tea tasting session later I have all my spring harvest teas and should be good until winter hopefully.

Here's a little ditty in honor of the occasion:

Woman impulsively leans out window.
To man below
"Hey! Want to come up for tea?"

(walks to door)

Woman scampers down, let's him in, and leads him upstairs.
Later she hands him tea.

"Thank you. This is wonderful. You're wonderful."

Woman (abashed)
"Thank you... I think I love you?"

Man: (smiling over tea)
"I know. The feeling's mutual.

"It's crazy."

"We're both nuts."

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

No Talking Tuesday # 137

The List:

Ali Jamalzadeh

No Talking Tuesday # 136

The List:

Best Bookstore in
East Bay is
"Serendipity" on
University near
San Pablo

Also on Telegraph
there are a couple
Shakespeare and co.
and a couple others

Norwegian Wood

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