Sunday, November 08, 2009

No Talking Tuesday # 110

My final no talking Tuesday in Greece.
Also my final day working at the bookshop
a day of goodbyes to the amazing people
I've been working with the last six weeks.

We spent the day exploring a small island
mostly abandoned except for an aged monastery at its peak.

James had the interesting idea for everyone to go into no talking mode
from the moment we stepped foot on the island until we got back on the ferry.

I of course was mute as usual,
but it was interesting to spend the hours hiking
exploring a foreign space with a group of people
I had unexpectedly grown close to
communicating without words
but understanding all the same.
It was like a condensed representation
of my Greece trip as a whole.

The List:

You know I'm down. I do need to
pack first, and as I'm sure is
the case with you (More so me
because I didn't nap) We need to
sleep, also Vlad May wake me
up for sunrise. But all that being
said I do realize the ________
But these logistical hurdles
are probably good to keep things

Let's save a credit. Encourage
you to cash it in, in the future

So mean.

Also I'm worried what could happen

Ok yes. But I'm showering and packing
so it's going to be a while...

From now: One hour

If it doesn't work out, seriously don't stress about it.


Chill with the gang
and eat something

Yea but they don't open
until 3pm?

Bus leaves in ten
minutes, but if
people want to
pitch in like €3
each I'll just
get a car?

If we do I wouldn't
have to leave now

Ferry = 3:30

We meeting up in
Athens, you, Ellie

I can definitely
hang out
on the 4rth
but don't do anything
crazy to change your
plans, I just didn't
know if you were
leaving for Athens

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